Devprime & AWS integration
Stack DevPrime provides flexibility for you to adopt AWS as a leading cloud player.

Integrate simply

Stack DevPrime was designed so that you can enjoy the main benefits of using the AWS cloud platform, building Microservices Cloud Native, fault-tolerant through autonomous behaviors, with native security integration, and guaranteeing the Observability strategy (Logs, Tracing and Metrics).

We have simplified the configuration process so that in a few seconds development teams enable a DevPrime Microservice to connect to the managed services of this fantastic platform through our Stream, State, Services, Observability, and Security adapters.

DevPrime provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) whose purpose, in this context, is to accelerate Microservices deployment generation steps so that you can integrate with your DevOps treadmill with managed Docker and Kubernetes services such as Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS) in addition to other resources.