Devprime & Docker integration
Stack DevPrime enables the use of Docker for you to publish your Microservices.

Integrate simply

Stack DevPrime was specially designed for working with distributed systems and operating in containerized and managed environments via Docker.

Our stack provides as main benefits optimization of computational resources, total decoupling between applications, observability in its three pillars (Logs, Tracing and Metrics), fault tolerance through autonomous behaviors supported by the strategic pillars of application engineering (Retry, Circuit Break, Resilience, Idempotence Control, Gracefull Shutdown, Fallback, Timeout, Health Check and others), application of consolidated market patterns and in compliance with the pillars of software architecture.

DevPrime Microservices rely on a hexagonal architecture providing specialized adapters (State, Stream, Observability, Security, Web, Tools), in addition to the application and business domain layers that guarantee the real separation of application responsibilities, ensuring testability and quality.

Another important factor is that through our CLI, the development teams have accelerators to facilitate the deployment of the application to this type of environment, generating the dockerfile and dockercompose files with the necessary configurations so that you can publish the microservices in environments managed by the Docker.